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Welcome to the Lakelands Master Gardeners Website

The Lakelands Master Gardeners Inc. is a non-profit corporation that is affiliated with the Clemson University Extension Service. The Lakelands Master Gardeners program serves all people regardless of socioeconomic level, race, color, sex, religion, disability or national origin.


Now is the time for our annual membership dues collection. We want you to know that your membership dues are important to us, even if you are not able to be active or have not attained enough volunteer hours. The money we receive from our active and inactive members supports many worthwhile projects such as the Connie Maxwell vegetable gardens, the Burton Center sensory gardens and our most recent tribute to our veterans, the Veterans Healing Garden. Membership dues also contribute to our scholarship funds, and this year we provided scholarships to 4 students.

With your membership support we can continue to serve our community, and you can be sure to continue to receive these benefits:

* The monthly email newsletter with diverse and interesting gardening information and pictures.
* Announcements about upcoming educational speakers and the ability to attend at no cost.
* Notifications of social activities such as the annual picnic and Christmas Party.
* Membership voting rights (for active members with required volunteer hours).

The annual dues structure has been simplified this year, with only one membership category "Individual" at $20. Where both spouses want to have membership, each will need to register and pay as "Individual" members. While "Lifetime" memberships are no longer offered, previously paid "Lifetime" members can continue with no additional cost. Fall 2013 Master Gardener Class students have their first year 2014 dues already covered by the LMG.

Please note: Dues have a final payment date of October 31st, with a late fee of $5 required after that date ($25). Also, please use the dues form which is available in the Forms section on the LMG website.


Some 16 members of the 2012 Master Gardener class completed their training during November 2012. Upon completion of their 40 volunteer service hours, these interns will then receive their formal Master Gardener certificates and designation.

2012 Master Gardener Class
Pictured left to right: Trisha Bridges, Glorietta Jones, Phyllis Krohn, Betsy Russ, Chris Moon, Linda Hamrick, Susan Lawson, James Hodges (Clemson Extension Agent), Claudette Bannerman, Terry Morse, David McCall, Bonnie Baumhofer, Savannah Durham, LouAnn Collins.
Not Pictured: Donna Feldmaier and Online Graduate Mary-Jane Calliham


With the excellent guidance from Doug Crawford, the Lakelands Master Gardeners and their guests installed a drip system in the raised bed community garden at the YMCA, on Saturday, May 12, 2012. Doug is an intern from the 2011 class but there was nothing “intern-ish” about his knowledge of drip systems. We want to give a special thank you to Doug’s wife Kim who helped us learn how to install it.
The one hour class turned into two hours with questions and hands on work. “We were hoping for a larger turnout,” Ann Barklow explained. “Since only 6 showed upit took us a little longer to put it in.” We want to also thank the Executive Director of the YMCA, Gray Stallworth for allowing us use of his site to teach our workshop.
A successful part of the mini workshops is exposing non Master Gardeners to our organization. We were pleased to have Claudette Bannerman and Kit Adkins, both encouraged to come by Master Gardener Toni Able. A big thanks to LMG Priscilla Ellis, Anita Herzsprung Sandy Orr, Ann Barklow and Doug Crawford for all their hard work. Fun was had by all and a feeling of a job well done.
Doug with Students
Doug with Students.


LMG President, Patti Larson and Vice-president, Ann Barklow worked with the kids at the YMCA, April 21, 2012. With thunderstorms threatening all week, we were blessed with a warm and sunny afternoon of planting. The community garden installation was part of the Healthy Kids Day that the YMCA celebrates every year.
YMCA Executive Director, Gray Stallworth approached the master gardeners a few months ago and the planning began with a design and planting plan. “Many of the staff at the YMCA are very knowledgeable about farming,” explained Ann, “and they did most of the work; buying materials, making the raised beds, filling them with soil, and mulching the paths. They are a great organization to work for.”
The kids filtered in all afternoon, making the work steady but not hectic. Planted from seed were: corn, pole, bush, and lima beans, southern peas, yellow squash, and zucchini along with zinnia, cosmos, and sunflowers. Plants were: peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, basil, rosemary, tarragon, thyme, oregano, mint, and parsley with a sprinkling of marigolds throughout the raised beds.
The garden will be maintained by the after school and summer camp kids under the occasional supervision and consultation of the LMG’s. Master Gardener intern, Doug Crawford will be installing the drip system on May 12, 2012 as part of an education miniseries for master gardeners.

March 17, 2012 Extension Office
Another great class this warm St. Patrick's Day morning at the extension office by Vince Plotczyk. This class was on Container Gardening for plants and vegetables. 13 Lakelands Master Gardeners and their friends showed up for an informative class covering such topics as soil, drainage, fertilizers, pest control, and care. The class watched as Vince demonstrated how to drill drainage holes and plant a blueberry bush in a container with his homemade acid soil mix that he learned about through his research. Vince also brought several of his vegetable container gardens to the class so attendees got to see his lettuce, spinach, and radishes up close and personal.

2012 Annual Graduation & Awards Banquet

Thursday, February the 9th the Lakelands Master Gardeners held their 2012 awards banquet at the Greenwood Metropolitan District Meeting Room. Friends and family shared an awesome meal and had a wonderful time then reflected back on the previous year. Pins were given to members reaching mile stones with hours and some honorary members recognized for their contributions.
MG of the Year
Congratulations to Master Gardener of the Year Vince Plotczyk

Certified Master Gardeners

Certified Master Gardeners
Erwin Able Rusty Wilson Sandra Orr
Ann Barklow Millie Parnell Susanne Bender
Janet Ledebuhr

Master Gardener Interns
Class 2011 Interns
Toni Able Doug Crawford Ann Stoddard
Lynsey Bock Priscilla Ellis Sharon Grooms
Mary Jo Cook Beth Osteen Jeremiah Grooms